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Friday, August 25, 2006


Thanks to my good friend Maine I have closure to this post. Officer Byrd does in fact exist and you can find him here. Wow.


  • At 14:25, Blogger exile said…

    ya got too much bird on the brain

  • At 15:53, Blogger exile said…

    btw, i get all obsessive about stuff like this too

    i do my best to forget, but it never happens

  • At 07:30, Blogger Shora said…

    Yay! I love it when shit like this gets resolved. Now see if Maine can find the one with the girl/clown with pigtails and a red nose on a giant oversized couch with her rag doll... and underneath the couch are living, breathing and playing dust bunnies... with eyes. They talk but they must only speak dust bunny cuz I couldn't understand a word. Anyway, that's my favourite.

  • At 17:36, Blogger Maine said…


    I believe you're referring to "The Big Comfy Couch."

  • At 09:19, Blogger Shora said…

    That's it!!! Maine, yer goooood. I loved that show.


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