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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Musical

It seems too predictable to say that The Producers was an over-the-top production. BFF summed it up nicely once when she said that she would never be able to believe Matthew Broderick could ever be anyone but Ferris Bueller. Even in this role you can see the Ferris shining through. His every move as well as all of those of Nathan Lane seem far too exaggerated for the big screen though I'm sure on a live stage they must be a very effective comedic duo. Will Ferrell is a scene stealer on the rooftop song and dance routine and the lovely Uma Thurman is a perfect Ulla. And you'll never look at Pharmacist George from Desperate Housewives the same way again. I can truly say Roger Bart is a good actor though his homosexual "commonlaw assistant" Carmen Ghia was an insane stereotype, even if it was hilarious. I confess, I've never seen the original or the stage production but I can see why this film is a hit. Springtime for Hitler is an outrageous musical production that will make you laugh out loud. In summation, I'm glad I saw it but even more glad that I only paid the matinee price.

Hike Photos


If there's on thing that's girly girl about me it's my love of butterflies which probably came across on my tattoo HNT, right? The Monarch happens to be my favorite because it's a beautiful little butterfly that, thanks to its diet of milkweed, just happens to be poisonous. Interestingly enough the Monarch has a non-poisonous twin called a Viceroy. A monarch, of course, is a ruler over a kingdom and a viceroy is a representative for said ruler. See what I did there? I mixed in a couple word-of-the-days into my educational post, dude. That's what I'm here for. Useless information that you'll one day be able to pull out of your ass to seem really intelligent at your next cocktail party.
Anyhoo, what this is all leading up to is yesterday Crusty and I went to the Coronado Butterfly Reserve in Goleta to see the clusters of Monarchs that hang from the eucalyptus trees from December through February. I've always been interested in seeing this migratory phenomenon but until recently believed that I had to venture as far as Mexico to be a witness to it. Thanks to the world wide web, though, I learned there is a spot right in my 'hood. Below are some of the pictures I took and I hope you enjoy them as much as you did my random butterfly facts. The large dark clusters in the branches are actually hundreds of Monarchs clinging together. When the sun came out they danced around the sky like gently falling orange leaves.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Per HNT Guidelines

For nostalgia purposes my favorite HNT included the pics featured above. I'm proud of (most of) my ink and was glad to share because neat peeps said nice things about my allegedly tiny waist and my itty bitty butterfly. Plus, it's not every day these puppies get to be seen so it's good for them to be in the spotlight every now and then. Make it worth my money.

Chilly HNT

What do the following pics have in common?

Why it's the ice of course! Got me some bling for Christmas and just thought I would gloat for a bit. I think you can see those 3/4 karats from the moon but I'm no astronaut so don't quote me on that...
Oh and below is the infamous Widower who so kindly chooses me to escort him to the hockey games. Thought I'd go ahead and cut it out with the shots reminiscent of the neighbor Wilson from Home Improvement.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So busy yet no motivation. Pity me won't you? I was on vacay for a few, worked a 3-day, had a 4-day weekend, workin' 3 days with another 4-day weekend a day away. It's really rough sometimes. Pretty quiet around here. Like a ghost town. Think I just saw a tumbleweed blow by. Can't say for sure.

This past year my New Year's resolution was "Keep the high five alive in '05" and now that '06 is a hop, skip and a jump away I'm wondering what my new one will be. Does anyone have any thoughts? Got a catchy phrase for 2006?
Some recommendations have been "Chicks with Dicks in '06" and "Suck More Dicks in '06"...
Personally I'd like to steer away from the penis theme and go for something a bit more family friendly if you will.
Holla atcha grrrrl.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hung Ovah

Now that Christmas has passed I'm hoping to find some semblance of order in my life that doesn't include copious amounts of food stuffed into my oral cavity every hour on the hour. The pants underneath the tree for me used to be my size until I decided it was a good idea to eat crackers and a cheese ball for lunch. Every day. For those keeping track, Weight Watchers is not a good idea in the month of December.
Speaking of cheese, I saw a sad ass movie on Christmas Day called The Family Stone. If it's been a while since you wept openly, I recommend it. Funny in some parts, very family oriented. After an emotionally exhausting holiday there is nothing like a good cry. Great cast, lots of pretty faces to look at.
Went to a hockey game last night and watched my Kings win. Drank a little too much beer considering I actually have to work today and a hang over is not conducive to productivity.
This post couldn't possibly be of any interest to anyone but I felt it was my civic duty to get something up. That's what he said. Ba dum dum.

Friday, December 23, 2005

2 More Shopping Days!

First of all let me just throw it out there that I pity the fool that has to work today. If we've learned anything over the years it's that Fridays in general are nothing more than adult day care so today is destined to be no less than torture. God willing you have a nice holiday spread so you can pass the time stuffing your face with Christmas goodies that no one can seem to stop bringing into the office. Thanks to my union I have a floating holiday this season that I've decided to take today. Four-day weekend and what, son? I can only imagine how long it would've taken my eight hours to pass. So God speed, my hard-working and clearly dedicated fellow bloggers. You'll be on my mind when I'm throwing elbows in a shopping mall today trying to snag some last minute bargains. Hell, you're on my mind now while I sip my cup o' joe in my slippers and jammies typing nonsense on my wee lap top instead of turning on the old computer at the desk I'm normally chained to 4-5 days a week.

In all seriousness, have a very merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah (that's how my Jewish peeps spell that shit so don't bag), joyous Kwanzaa, or festive candle-burning and goat-blood drinking for the dark Lord. Whatever floats your boat, I hope it's a good one and that Santa or your loved ones get you everything your little hearts desire. Because after all, we're all just a bunch of kids at heart and who the fuck doesn't love presents?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Cheer For BFF

Seems as though I don't have much to say today... must've blown my wad with the multiple postings yesterday. Haha. Multiples. By the way, who else can't say tea bag without laughing?


I've shown you every other part of me so why not the heiney? The tiny heiney to my left belongs to the fabulous Miss Nancy and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to know she was an innocent bystander inadvertently featured in an HNT post. Bet you'll never guess where this was taken as I haven't put a post up in the last day or so without mentioning my vacay at least once...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things With Wings

While in NY, BFF introduced me to some fun things. Now I want to share them with you.

Forget clubbing seals! ...that would be beating a seal to death with a club not necessarily seals that enjoy the nightlife... yah. Now you can play baseball as the Abominable Snowman and knock the crap out of a penguin. Just click once to get that penguin dropping and click again to swing away. My favorite part of this game is the pop-fly when the penguin lands face first in the snow. With some slow holiday season workdays ahead of us, this is a must-have in the workplace. High score thus far: 319.9.

Secondly I would recommend that anyone with a slightly demented sense of humor check out this woman's collection of chickens heavily laden with obscure references and lots of 'tude.

Why the relentless posts today? Truth be told I'm trying to get my last HNT off the front page. Archive that bitch if you will...

Random Long-Ass Post About Some Things Asian

So I'm going to go ahead and have diarrhea of the blog and just spit some things out to make up for being away, ok? Ok.

Last night my mom found out her identity had been stolen when the bank called to tell her she had bounced a check, was about $3,000 over-drawn and nothing else really seemed out of the ordinary. My mother is so anal that even the thought of those kinds of shenanigans had her up in arms. When she decided to look at a print-out of her statement she saw that the majority of the charges were at the Shanghai Gentleman's Club in Shanghai. Nothing out of the ordinary there... my dad always blows thousands of dollars on lap dances by Asian women. Duh. So let this be a warning to you, identity theft just doesn't happen online. My mom can't even e-mail.

You all know I love a good movie and while this one is a bit old (2001?) I still totally recommend it. It's quite possibly one of the best films I was able to view in 2005. Queue up the old Netflix or go to your local video rental store and pick yourself up a copy of Monsoon Wedding and don't forget to grab some hankies while you're there. This beautifully done independent film set in India will make you believe in romance and the art of falling in love even if you are bitter and jaded just like me. It will also make you want to pick up some Punjabi music and learn Hindi. I was sobbing by the end but they were tears of joy and utter girliness. All I know is that I'm going to start looking for a good Indian man to sweep me off my feet so I can have the most over-the-top, outlandish wedding ever to hit the U.S. of A.

K, that's all for now. Back in a bit at the way things are going here...

Graphic Tee Hilarity

Can anyone please tell me why this shirt was so funny to me that I actually had to pause on a street corner to laugh a hearty guffaw at the window? I mean, I took a picture of it, for chrissakes... it's gotta be good right?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

N.Y. Sizzle

This is just a small sampling of photos that I find representative of my vacay. Seeing as this is my 4th visit to the Big Apple, I'm running out of things I need to capture on film. In my defense, I would just like the world to know I have hat hair. Thank you for your patronage.

Subway Shots: Doozer & The Host and Hostess with the Mostest
Funky Statue & a Building with a Bow
Self-Portrait with BFF & I'm a Milkmaid
Chrysler Building at Sunset & The Tree

Central Park All Frozen & a View of the Winter Sky

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

So who else grows weary of looking at my tired old boobie? I think I do! It sure was a whirlwind visit to the right coast and now it's back to the grind for a 3-day work week and an fast approaching 4-day weekend. I gotta tell you, I really have it rough.

A few things I learned while in Manhattan:
  • Carrying extra cyaaaash while drinking leads to careless spending (i.e. $40 for BFF and I to get tarot readings).
  • Mindless grazing and/or sheer vacay gluttony leads to a minimum consumption of 9,589,265 calories per day.
  • Cheese really should be a staple not only in every meal, but every snack item as well.
  • Jagermeister does not a good chaser of no less than 95 ounces of beer make.
  • BFF and I should definitely look into producing our own stage show, preferably vaudevillian (eff spell check for that one) in style, in which we will perform nothing but Christmas carols. "City sidewalks, pretty sidewalks."
  • Even though I am a grown woman, I really require supervision at all times.
  • BFF's husband, Babe, really should have his own reality TV show featuring nothing more than his head peeking over the shoulder of a pianist.
  • The tree in Rockefeller Center brings literal tears to my eyes... as does really cold weather.

For information leading up to my very first shot of Jager, please refer to BFF's blog for a more detailed account of our tour de bars in New York Citay. It's good to be back, Kids! I sure hope I was missed by many.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

HolidayNT Part 2

So this is one of my more risque photos but I really wanted to show off not only my gorgeous manicure with the wee Christmas lights on my ring finger but also my interesting little red "beauty mark." I love to share, what can I say?
And with that, I'm leaving on a jet plane, and I do know when I'll be back again - Tuesday. I'll be freezing my hidden nipples off in New York city while visiting BFF. Don't miss me too much. I've never needed a mini-vacay as much as I do now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Me to a "T"

Ravishing Angel Needing Delights and Indulgence

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lessons Learned

Well I am proud to say that today marks my one-year anniversary of employment at the Citay. That's kind of a nice feeling considering the nonsense I've put up with this month. I think I've learned a few things and I'd like to share with you now:
  • Think before you speak - because most people will take it personal and think you're a bitch if you don't and they'll probably end up in tears and have your ass in the end.
  • Don't count your chickens before they hatch - because if you think you're graduating, chances are you're probably not.
  • Don't spend your money before it's in your hand - because raises don't actually show up on your paycheck when you expect them to.
  • Ain't no party like a fyrchk party - and that's just according to some comments I read.
  • Don't suggest that you can be penetrated from the rear unless you really mean it - because chances are, someone's going to take you up on that offer.

I just wanted to say thanks for a whole lot of support from some really rad peeps in the blogging community. True, it's been a rough patch that's for sure but apparently the big man upstairs is just trying to test me. I've already threatened to murder a couple of peeps that straight out lied to me with my boss as my witness so I'm not really sure how that's going to pan out but I will keep you posted.
I think I can pretty much sum things up with the words on a magnet my mother gave me over the weekend, charmer that she is:
Being unstable and bitchy is all part of my mystique.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Vicious Cycle

Hold your applause, people. Save your congratulations. As has become a bit of a theme this month, it's another low immediately following a false high. I get the damn letter saying I'm eligible for graduation when POW! I get an e-mail from my alleged counselor who says I need to pass a math competency test in order to be eligible for graduation. This basically translates to, "I know you thought you were in the clear, Randi, but PSYCH! I totally lied to you! You get nothing! I'm completely incompetent! I also lost all your shit when you were here the other day! Isn't it crazy how I'm still employed?"
I guess it's not that big of a deal that I have to wait another 6 months to get my degree. I had to take a Math class this spring anyway to be eligible to transfer to a CSU. It's just the whole principle of the thing. Don't fucking tell me everything is hunky-dory and then turn around and ask me to bend over while you violate me via my anus.
But I'm not upset. Nope. Not even a little bit. Remember that proverbial horse I referred to in the prior post? Well that damn steed bucked me once more and I'm gonna mount it yet again. Randi shall reign triumphant.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Smarty Pants

4.0? Oh, yeah! For the first time in my life I'm pulling straight As. Mind you, I only took 2 classes this semester but still. It was officially posted on the VC website this morning that I got an A in both my Biology lecture and lab classes. I also have a letter in my lap saying that I met the requirements for an Associate in Arts/ General Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree this Fall 2005 semester, officially making me the first college graduate in my family. Feeling pretty good.
It's true, I fell off the proverbial horse as far as the P.D. is concerned but today I dusted the yuck off my pants and completed another application for the same position which I will hand in bright and early, first thing Monday morning. What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, right? With a new year right around the corner I'm looking to make some changes and these 2 accomplishments, so to speak, are pushing me in the right direction.

Ok, that's enough of the corniness. Hope you all enjoy your last day of freedom 'til it's back to the grind tomorrow.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blessing and a Curse

When BFF recommended that I put a tracksy counter on my blog I knew it would turn into an obsessive compulsive thing that I would pretty much check on the daily. Which I have for the most part. And it's been fun knowing my "fan base" so to speak, when my ex drops by, who the regulars are, that sort of thing. But it has also brought to my attention that there is one person in particular that may have developed an unhealthy obsession with my site. This particular person has dropped by 76 times in the first 9 days of this month. In contrast, just to give you an idea of how creepy this is for me, BFF has looked at my blog somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 times, maybe. That's possibly pushing it for her but I thought, I will round up because this is someone I know like a family member and am aware of her sometimes unconscious clicking. I'm sure on her counter, I've clicked about that many times as well. Now, I know I'm hilarious and gorgeous, but that's more than 8 times a day this particular Chino Hills resident is looking at me... and I just don't think I am so fascinating that I would attract such interest. Perhaps it's the HNT? Should I be concerned at this point, looking over my shoulder at every turn? All I know is I'm taking this opportunity to tell you: I know who you are and I know where you live. That's it.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Shameless Plug

Please see the information below and if you are in the vicinity I highly recommend you check out one of my favorite bands of all time: Flogging Molly. The energy at their shows is nothing less than infectious and contagious. I've seen them no less than 5 times and will go again. Mark my words. It's traditional Irish music that's kind of punked out and there are at least 6 different instruments going at all times. Plus there's a hot chick on a frickin' flute AND a fiddle that simply rules. Grab a Guinness or some Harp Lager and have yourself a good time!

Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue

Chicago, IL
House Of Blues

Cleveland, OH
House of Blues

Philadelphia, PA
Theatre Of Living Arts

New York, NY
Nokia Theatre Times Square

Boston, MA

Washington, DC
9:30 Club

Lake Buena Vista, FL
House of Blues

New Orleans, LA
House of Blues - Presale TBA

Dallas, TX
Gypsy Ballroom

Kansas City, MO
The Beaumont Club

Denver, CO
Ogden Theatre

Seattle, WA
The Showbox

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA
House of Blues

Anaheim, CA
House of Blues

San Diego, CA
House of Blues


Good morning and welcome to the first edition of money saving tips by Randi. Nah, don't worry, it's not that serious. What I did want to announce to the world for no real reason is that by saving my change over the course of a year I accumulated almost $60. How about that? And just two months ago I started rounding down my deposits and rounding up my withdrawals to the next even dollar and so far I'm seven bucks richer in the old checking account. Not that this is a huge deal but over the course of a year I'm thinking it could really add up. Seeing as I love to spend every red cent I get like it's burning a whole in my pocket, this is quite an accomplishment for me. And I have a healthy savings account?! What the hell? When did I grow up all of a sudden? Now if I could just stop using my credit card. Damn you with your and your Visa rewards program! Damn my addiction to all things entertainment! Must be pay day what with all this talk of money... TGIF, folks. Make it a good weekend.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


This is as close to nudity as we're gettin' here on this ol' blog. My gingerbread man (strategically placed to hide my nappoos) has been with me since I was a frickin' toddler. If he only knew 28 years ago where he'd be today. Only 16 more shopping days!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damn The Ganja

It is with a heavy heart that I must break the following news to you: I was asked to withdraw my application for the Records Technician position at the P.D. Why you ask? Well I went in to it knowing I was walking a thin line due to the one year of required abstinence from all things marijuana. My last dabbling with the reefer was on New Year's Eve of last year. The polygraph was scheduled for the week after my return from New York and left me with another week and a half until I reached my year-mark of sobriety. Sad isn't it? There were 3 positions available and all I needed to do was pass the polygraph and I was guaranteed a job.
This week has been kind of a let-down in a couple of ways but this was a blow I just wasn't ready for. I can't say that I love working in Finance but I seem to be good at it as will be reflected in my raise. So it's not like I don't have a job, it just isn't the one I want. Working for the P.D. was something I really looked forward to leaping into career-wise.
So tonight I plan on drowning my sorrows with the third volume of Family Guy DVDs and laughing my ass off. The good news is, in another month when they do the second round of hiring for the same position, I will be eligible to re-apply and will more than likely get the job. The withdrawal looks a lot better than being disqualified from the hiring process. All I have to do is pass the same test and go through another round of interviewing and score NUMBER ONE again. Oh yah, that's right. You can't take that away from me. Numero Uno.

Mixed Emotions

Last night I ventured to the dark side a.k.a. the mall for some much needed Christmas shopping as well as to stock up for some warm clothes as in 8 days I will be headed to New York City where apparently it is in the 20s. As I type this in sunny southern California, it's in the 50s and I'm already shivering. Thermal underwear, some furry gloves and a sweater ought to be a good start. And I've pretty much finished buying gifts for everyone but Gran. I'll finish that up on vacay.
However my emotions aren't mixed over my purchases. While I was strolling on the second floor just past Hallmark, who should appear but the boy (now a man) that I lost my virginity to 10 years ago with his wife and children. His oldest very well could've been mine had history taken another direction. He and his wife hooked up immediately after we broke up and his daughter was born 9 months to the day of the end of our union. As my mom so classily said, he rolled right off of me and on to her. The fact of the matter is, he was more than likely rolling on both of us at the same time.
I didn't say hello (because, hello! awk!) but inside I wanted to so bad. I went from feeling sorry for myself that both my exes are meddied with babes and I'm still single and barren to "I'm so glad I'm not as fat as his wife."
And that, my friends, is that. He may be all in the family way but I'm lookin' fine. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2.2 For Tuesday

There was a lack of posting due to some severe emotional turmoil in my life yesterday. Let's just say that karma comes full circle sometimes and boy does it ever blow. The co-worker I made cry made me cry in turn only in a worse way than I ever could've imagined. Let's just say I now have to turn over a seriously huge new leaf here in the office lest I ruin my chances for a smooth transfer in the coming months. So basically my whole day was shot to shit and who really wants to hear my bad news?
On that note, the good news for today is that I've lost 2.2 pounds in the last week on Weight Watchers. After many a year of convincing by BFF that this program really works, I am now officially sold. Only 15 more to go. Now if I can just tear myself away from the comforting chocolate bars I'll be all set.
I guess I've got a little bit of writer's block today so I'm just gonna go.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rubbin' Elbows

That's right. Last night I went to a schwanky fundraiser at Sotheby's in Beverly Hills and got to rub elbows with some of the elite. Or at least people that are far cooler than I am. All proceeds went to fund a school where my friend Cindy is a teacher. Apparently it's the kind of school where kids take yoga in the morning and listen to funky jazz music and receive zero discipline. Artsy fartsy if you will. It was good fun so now I'm linking you to the sites of my favorites.

I bought an autographed print from this fellow because I love me some animals but I will never in my life be able to commission a $400 portrait of my beloved Tippi.

I wanted to bid on a dope collage by a lady named Lora Norton but she's a wee bit outta my price range. Apparently she is the wife of a member of Black Flag which is pretty dope in and of itself.

Then of course, I was tempted to buy a photo from the ever talented Cindy but, alas, someone beat me to it. Boo!

There were also guest appearances by Heidi Swedberg who played George Castanza's fiancee who died after licking envelopes and Jim Turner, formerly Randee of the Redwoods on MTV. Does anyone remember that dude? Maybe it's just me because we share a name.

So that's how I spent a very windy Saturday night. Hope yours was equally exciting.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's No Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...

...but at least my little town gave it the old college try. I may have mentioned this but I'm a bit of a pushover. Ask me nicely and I'll do just about anything which is how I ended up as Parade Staff (or so it says on my red tee shirt) at the Oxnard Christmas Parade that occurred downtown this morning. For 2 and a half hours I stood on a street corner, 70 degree weather sun beating on my face, watching the world's longest parade in the history of all time. Apparently as long as you owned a car you could participate. So while we didn't have giant inflatable balloon floats, we did have:

broke down lowriders and mariachis

marching bands and a Mexican Santa on horseback
tractors and Santa Claus with his 8 tiny reindeer (plus Rudolph)

That same Santa float used to cruise down my block when I was a kid over 20 years ago blaring the Chipmunk Christmas carol and each year my brother and I would practically kill ourselves getting out of the door in time to see him. It's so nice to know that some things never change. Only 22 more shopping days! (How quick 'til that gets annoying?)

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Last night I went on another "non-date" with "the widower." It's too bad he shall forever be affiliated with death in casual conversation with you people, but so be it. Anyhoo, we went to dinner and then ice skating. I've been on ice skates thrice in my life including last night and I'll tell you what, it's just like rollerblading. The thing is, even on rollerblades, I am completely unable to do much other than go forward, though I can go pretty fast if I do say so myself. If I do turn, it has to be this large sweeping circle rather than a crisp, swoosh of a turn. And skating backwards? Well let's just say that I tried that until my feet blistered and I'm no better at it now than I was when I accosted the wee 13-year old on the ice to give a sister a hand with that shit. Stopping? Forget it. On wheels I'm better off throwing myself off the sidewalk and hoping there's grass where I land. On ice skates, it's face first into the boards and/or the glass. And that's ok because technically I never did fall last night. I did, however, happen to lean forward to regain my balance and ended up palm planting on the ice then slowly dropping to my knees to return myself to the upright position. I also learned they have hockey lessons at the rink... that may lead to a toothless me... neat.

As a footnote I would really like to recommend you pick up Dodgeball again if you haven't in a while, go straight to the end and just listen to the commentary by Cotton and Pepper. Kill me now with laughter already.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Brain Farts

I can think of nothing more disgusting than walking into a public restroom and being smacked in the face with the reek of vag. I mean, WTF? Ladies, are you just allowing your cookie zero breathablity in your trousers and pantyhose? Nasty. And, yes, I call it my cookie.

Men, why when you break up with a woman do you say, "You're better off without me." Is it every male's fantasy that they are just so bad ass they can't be with a nice girl? I guess that ranks right up there with "It's not you, it's me." And, yes, this is from experience as well as in a song by Ryan Cabrera. Um, didn't you date Ashleeeee Simpson? How "bad" can you be?

If you need a book to pick up, I recommend Stiff by Mary Roach. It's about the history of cadavers in medicine and other uses such as testing car crash impact and much, much more. It also gives you a little more insight on how doctor's came to do the very first face transplant in France just recently. One word: Wow. Watch out, Travolta & Cage, you could really be next.

So, this is in case you were wondering why I referred to the frontal view of my fauxhawk as creepy it's cuz normally I don't smile with my mouth closed. Or make those crazy eyes. It's been buggin' BFF. Therefore, it's staying.

And on a personal note, have you ever made a co-worker cry? I've done this on more than one occasion and I'm starting to wonder if I'm just the devil or if people are maybe just a tad too sensitive. I was called "agressive" and "intimidating" but really, I just know what I'm doing and tend to question authority.

... yeah... that's all I've got.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dear Diary

BFF and I just had a wee chat about keeping journals and how repetitive they can be. I was a devout journal writer from the age of 12 until I started reading back on some of the things I had written down. For months and years I repeated the same sentiments: how I wanted to lose weight, how I couldn't believe I was so unhappy in my relationships (mind you, I kept going back to the same guy), how work was bringing me down. It seemed as though I was trapped in the midst of a vicious cycle. So I stopped writing in my journal and turned to this world of blogging. I can honestly say I never thought I would be this religious about posts nor did I expect to "meet" so many cool people from all across the continent. Blogging has also taught me not to be so damn repetitive... I mean, how am I going to "entertain the masses" if they come here and read the same damn sorry story over and over. And so it's also gotten me to stop repeating the same damn mistakes in my life. Not that the blog can take all the credit but since February I: landed a pretty good job and am in the process of movin' on up to an even better postion; am in the running for not one but two raises; am pulling some As in my Biology classes; am graduating soon and will be transferring to a "real" university; am on a real diet; am back to the gym; am out of my gnarly and nasty relationships; am making new friends. It's just all good. If this isn't the cheesiest post I've ever typed I simply don't know what is. I guess the passing of Thanksgiving just made me realize how grateful I am that things are going really well.

Fauxhawk HNT

For Thanksgiving my uncle came to town for a week. He's 46 and still does it punk rock style: plaid bondage pants, skulls and a mohawk. I knew my Grandpa would give him shit for it so I decided "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and I did my own version just for the holiday:
aerial view

creepy frontal
Not too shabby for a first try, eh? My Gran was very concerned that I was going to wear it like this to work and that the Police department would never hire me if I did. Mind you these photos were taken at the end of the night after many hours of gorging, a long walk and even a movie. The ticket taker complimented me saying he'd never seen a 'do like this before. Niiiiiice.
Oh and by the way Happy HNT and first of December... only 24 more shopping days.