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Thursday, October 27, 2005

By Popular Demand

If by "popular demand" I mean one person's request, I'm posting my tats for Half Nekkid Thursday. I never realized how hard it was to take a picture of one's own back... or one's hip for that matter (check out the mani, bitches!). Please excuse the poor quality... of the pictures, not my ink, jerk! Without further ado:

I got that little butterfly when I was 19. Had to touch it up again so she's a little hazy. Should've been content and stopped there but noooooo, I had to get the Sistine Chapel on my lower back. So I can avoid questions I'll just give you the breakdown on how that big ol' bitch came to fruition.
The flame was first. The top character is Japanese for Bear and the one below is Love. That's not a sentence. Just 2 symbols. We'll just go with the meaning being I sleep and eat like a bear and love every minute of it. Or maybe I just love burly gay dudes. I'll let you decide which you like better.
Then came the fish in honor of BFF. Love that one. Found this out later:
"The Japanese consider it the most spirited of fish, so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. The carp is an appropriate symbol to encourage the overcoming of life's difficulties leading to consequent success." So right on! Sounds like me, huh?
The tattooing really should've come to a screeching halt after that one but I decided I wanted to balance it all out with a windy looking number with fall leaves as everyone I know and love has a fall birthday. Get a little "elements" theme going with the earth, wind, fire and water, you know? Sadly, my "artist" was a drunken/spastic/epileptic/retarded freak and didn't know how to execute my request. Hence the finished product. BOO! Oh well, I'll get her covered or fixed one of these days.
Hopefully next HNT I can see a piece of you.


  • At 05:56, Blogger Shora said…

    I love that you did this! And wow, great tats. Did you say something a while back about being a tad overweight? I think not!!!

    Happy HNT, my butterfly sistah!

  • At 06:45, Anonymous mitz said…

    i'm shora's buddy....she's the best...and ...

    LOVE that tats...very nice and super sexy! ;)

  • At 07:32, Blogger Px said…

    i'm fast becoming a regular HNTer, it gets addictive

    i like your ink though, very cool

    ink gets addictive too, i've got 10 tattoos at the moment

    anyway nice work on your first HNT

  • At 08:36, Blogger Coodence said…

    Tiny waist.
    You'll never get away with complaining about being "overweight" again!!!

  • At 10:00, Blogger Macca said…

    Awesome tatts. Very colorful and bright. Nicely done!

  • At 10:40, Blogger exile said…

    you have the cutest little waist!

    (it's about time there's a cali girl on here, lately it's all canadians or east coasters)

  • At 11:02, Blogger Scott & Julia said…

    Love the tattoos! Happy HNT!

  • At 11:43, Blogger addict said…

    Ooh... you have some absolutely beautiful ink!

  • At 14:35, Blogger lecram sinun said…

    Those are fantabulous tats! Cheers and happy belated HNT!

  • At 11:39, Blogger Maine said…

    How did I miss this? How? Do I hate myself or something?

  • At 09:29, Blogger figleaf said…

    You have beautiful skin, Randi. (I'm rather enjoying your HNTs.)

    Take care,



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