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Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day!

There's little better than knowing I only have a 3-day workweek starting tomorrow. Ah, the benefits of being a City employee. And to top it off, the sun has finally broken through the overcast week of early June Gloom. For the past two days I have gone to the gym for an hour or more. The more being the hour-long Yoga class I added on to my workout on Saturday and will do again today. I don't really count Yoga as exercise as it's so relaxing and just a bunch of stretching but then I wake up a day later and realize my arms and legs are a lot tighter than I remember them being the day before. I've also begun loyally logging the food I put in my mouth in a sad little journal. Before now I never really paid attention to what I was eating but now I see I love to steal me some sweets. After some serious contemplation I decided to skip Weight Watchers seeing as I'm not the one preparing my meals so controlling what I eat will be a little more difficult than me just cutting back. I spoke to a trainer at the gym and for a few bucks more he thinks we can get me down almost 20 lbs. in the 2 months before the reunion. So it's basically come down to me needing someone to stand next to me at the gym and tell me what to do otherwise I'll never get past doing just cardio. That's the plan. Oh, and I have lost a half a pound since Friday. Allegedly.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dream Job

Aside from any employment position at Dodger Stadium, ideally I would love to be a critic. Of film, book and/or music. Doesn't matter. Well, not TV. But I wouldn't be the critic that stuck my nose up at anything that wasn't indie or underground. I'd be that down to earth, neighborly critic. And the following are some things I think you should check out:

Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. If ever you feel like things can't get any worse, this is the book to read to snap you out of it. Francie Nolan is impoverished with an alcoholic father and a floor scrubbing mother. She collects scrap for penny candy. But her poverty never seems to bring her down aside from the occasional hunger and obvious frustration that she doesn't have the finer things in life. She just tries harder and wants to be educated and eventually she knows she will rise above. It's inspirational and has a happy ending and you will love it so much that you'll prolong your reading just so the book never ends.

Movie: Million Dollar Baby. There's a reason it swept the Oscars. It's a great movie with a phenomenal cast. Period. It's also a tear jerker so bring a hankie.

Music: I purchased the following CDs this weekend and recommend each of them.
1. The Wicked Soundtrack (see the play!). A great storyteller with toe tapping music and soars with emotion. I will use it to improve my shower voice.
2. Michael Buble (pronounced Booblay) It's Time. Frank Sinatra-type standards. Amazing voice with some original music and a handful of worthwhile covers. What a puppy dog this guy is. He's in the Starbucks commercial for that canned beverage they have. If it gets his music out there, it's worth it that he endorses coffee.
3. Common Be. Awesome, poignant lyrics produced by the playful Kanye West. Common has a voice that can potentially melt butter and his rhymes aren't forced or weak like his producer's. For reference, the duo performs The Food on The Chappelle Show and the live track is on the CD for your enjoyment.
4. Weezer Make Believe. Dork music at its finest. It's just fun.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Other "D" Word

The people in my life that know me well are pretty familiar with my drastic mood swings. One minute, I'm high as a kite on life alone and the next I find myself wallowing in despair. The smallest things can set me off into a fit of what I like to jokingly call "being filled with rage." Things that are of no significance to others can literally pull me down into the darkest depths. These things include, but on are not limited to: waiting for my final grade (an A by the way!), planning a reunion (half the class contacted!) and not loving my job (still no word on that for now). For a long time, my family just called me dramatic. Others said I was just too sensitive and took things way too personally. As I get older, however, I have to wonder if it's not depression. I can see now that it's taking a toll on personal relationships and my own physical health. So in an effort to turn things around, I am taking a step to fix what is broken in me. I have the number of my work's therapy line and I've decided to stop talking about losing weight and actually do something about it. When the scale at the OBGYN told me I weigh 175 pounds and this morning prior to any food consumption my own scale read 170.5, I was slapped in the face with the reality that I could be plus-sized at this point. To mix it up a bit I've volunteered for different committees at the City and enrolled in a summer class to fill up the free time I've been using to brood and am contemplating joining Weight Watchers not only to lose those extra pounds but for the emotional support as well . So there it is. In black and white for all the world to read should they be so inclined. I'll keep you posted on my progress... really this time. Off to the gym now. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Will Ferrell

I thought today's blog would be a movie review. After 9 days away, however, you'll have to excuse me if I come across a little rusty... apparently there has been little going on of late to move me to the point of blogging. So here goes. I have loved the aforementioned Will Ferrell since his days on Saturday Night Live. While I was beyond the stage of my life where I was obsessively tuning in each week, I reveled in the times I saw his performances. He was the first one to move me to seam-busting outbursts of laughter since as long as I could remember. Then I saw him in Old School, and when that dart hit his neck I doubled over in a combination of ecstacy and pain, laughing so hard that breath was impossible to come by. I was in love. While most didn't feel the same kind of admiration I did when seeing Elf and Anchorman, I was steadfast in my devotion. His off the wall, borderline insane, and oft-times innappropriate sense of humor was something I could relate to. He became my inspiration. So when I saw the previews for Kicking and Screaming I thought I would be in for a treat. Belittling of children? Sign me up. And while there were moments of your run of the mill laughter, something was askew. I suggest you skip this one if you are a die hard fan of his. He's too "normal" to be hysterically funny. But Byong-Sun is cute. Yah... guess you had to be there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


And why wouldn't my blog be about her? They say that people who express gratitude in their daily lives are happier. Well, I'd like to thank my Dodgers for playing superbly last night which kept me from viewing but snippets of the new reality show, Chaotic about Mr. & Mrs. Federline. For the few minutes I tuned in, flipping over to UPN only at commercials, I heard Britney talk about glitter in baby talk, saw her make stupid faces in the mirror and act like no less than a buffoon. Oh and smoke cigarettes in front of the camera for all her pre-teen fan base. Way to set a good example, Britney. I have to wonder what her PR people, or what she herself for that matter, might have been thinking when they decided to air this garbage nationwide. She came across as nothing more than a white trash hick person fresh out of the trailer. Some beautiful people should just not speak (reference: Cindy Crawford on MTV's House of Style). They should just sing. Or be pretty. Period. But I am grateful to her in a way. I fell in love with Britney because she helped me through a very hard time after my boyfriend of 5 years left me. I took solace in her Britney album with its messages of good times and female triumph. I could relate to her and her post-Justin heartache. Then I saw her gyrate with a snake and she tapped into the potentially lesbian side of me. But now, my angel has fallen. And she has lost at least one viewer of her God-awful programming just as I irretrievably lost minutes of my life and my intelligence after being a part of the spectacle that was her show. Farewell, my love.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

True Blue

My Los Angeles Dodgers did no less than amaze me on Friday the 13th - day of my annual birthday game. Each team had a grand slam and my boys clinched it 7 to 4. Rally towels were flying, people were out of their seats, and the game was sold out. Phenomenal. Chavez Ravine is where I am the happiest I can ever be. The roar of the crowd, the unconditional love the fans share for the boys in blue, the ceremonial clapping and cheering, the sheer passion in singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame at the 7th inning stretch, arms around the people you're with, swaying in tune, being a part of something so much bigger than me... it makes me feel like I belong. The Dodgers have been a part of my life since I was 2 years old, a part of my dad's life since he was a boy and a part of his father's life for as long as he can remember. Is it the sport itself? Possibly. There's nothing like the crack of the bat or the slap of a ball in a leather glove. But mostly it's being able to believe in someone like Milton Bradley, to oft times root for the underdog, and to share camaraderie with so many other fans. It has been and probably will forever be a reason why I won't leave southern California and why my future boyfriend/husband better be not only a baseball fan, but a Dodger Fan. Think Blue!

Friday, May 13, 2005


Last night for the birthday, my brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to humor me and took me to my favorite Italian restaurant in Ventura, Ferraro's. It's the kind of place that's clearly outdated with red vinyl seats and the plastic grape accoutrements but you can smell the garlic from the parking lot and you know you're in for some good eats. Reservations just aren't allowed so there's usually at least a half hour wait but on the good side, they serve you free wine to pass the time. Not too shabby. Unless you're with my brother who was born without patience. He was irritated about the wait, that they seated a party of 5 before ours of 3, and that they didn't take our order immediately. These are the times that make me long to be European or Mexican, where leisurely and lengthy dining is the norm. I don't want to rush through my meal and miss the flavors and textures and aromas. I want to sip my wine and enjoy conversation. The food didn't disappoint and I was grateful for my time with the twosome. The only thing that slightly bummed me out was not being sung to by a staff of 7 over a sad dessert with a lonely candle stuck in it. Tacky yet sublime.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Back from Hiatus

After 11 glorious days on the East Coast, surrounded by my very bestest friends, I'm back in Cali and attempting to resurrect the bloggage. As far as topics go, this well is pretty much tapped dry. I'm at least 10 pounds heavier since I left for vacation and I have forgotten where the gym is as it's been that long since my last workout. Today, I rang in my 28th birthday morning with cramps and a chest cold. It doesn't get much better than that. I'm hopeful, however, that the coming days will provide me for blog fodder to entertain the masses. If by the "the masses" I mean the handful of people that actually tune in to absorb my ramblings. Have a great day.